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How the rise of large-scale battery farms can be a game-changer

Chalk up another victory for proponents of renewable energy! The results shown in a recent report on the viability of the Hornsdale Power Reserve (a huge Tesla battery installation located in South Australia) have undoubtedly shattered the monocles of many executives in the fossil fuels industry. According to the farm’s owner, Neoen, the installation has saved approximately $40 million in its inaugural year, proving that large battery farms are a feasible way to transition into more environmentally-friendly energy sources.

We here at Plug It In Solar in Los Angeles, California are always interested in battery technology news, as we feel advances in the field will lead to the mass adoption of both commercial and residential solar power. So here’s our recap about this important milestone.

Hornsdale Tesla Power Reserve

What does the Hornsdale Power Reserve do?

The Hornsdale Power Reserve is a 100MW battery farm that stores energy created by nearby windmills. It was built in order to replace gas, coal and steam-powered energy facilities that provide electricity to the area during outages and emergencies. Initially criticized and mocked by the fossil fuels lobby in Australia, the battery farm has been running steadily for a year and has provided numerous benefits such as:

● Cheaper energy during outages. Auxiliary power used during outages in South Australia is extremely expensive, reaching up to $14,000 per MW. The Hornsdale Power Reserve has cut these costs by 90%. ● More efficient energy service. The response time to deliver the power held in the battery farm is less than 100 milliseconds! This is extremely important during emergencies. ● Sustainable, zero-emission energy. Clean wind power charges the batteries at the Hornsdale Power Reserve, but new initiatives such as the new Gannawarra Energy Storage System utilize the same concepts with solar arrays in place of the windmills.

The results have been nothing short of amazing. Costing only $66 million and taking a mere 62 days to build, the Hornsdale Power Reserve has been a resounding success that should usher in an exciting new era of battery storage.

What are the implications?

Solar and wind power have been much maligned for being inconsistent sources of energy, unsuitable for widespread use. With the advent of giant battery farms, these concerns are being alleviated. Energy gathered during sunny days can be stored in these installations until it is ready to be used. A few cloudy days won’t be considered a problem anymore!

It’s great news for anybody wanting clean, sustainable energy sources for the future. At Plug It In Solar, we offer residential and commercial solar battery systems for clients throughout the Los Angeles area. These battery systems can provide power during short-term outages and allow you to keep your grid usage to a minimum even during the night. It really is a fantastic time to look into our packages, and the future is as bright as the sun itself. Call us at (818) 670-7769 to schedule a consultation today.

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