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Electrical Vehicle Charging


Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations are an excellent addition to your green energy home. Not only are they inexpensive but we have some of the fastest charging options on the market today. 


The SolarEdge EV charging single phase inverter enables homeowners to charge their electric vehicles. This charging station is up to six times faster than a classic charger, due to  its innovative solar boost process that exploits the grid and PV charging together. 

SolarEdge's genius EV charger is integrated with the inverter, which eliminates the need for any further wiring, conduits or breaker installations.

The World's First EV Charging Inverter

solaredge ev charging station

SolarEdge EV Charging Key Features

  • Reduces workload and costs with it's smart technology that combines an EV charger and PV inverter

  • Connects solar and grid power for charging up to six times faster than a Level 1 standard EV charger

  • 12-year warranty

  • Fully integrated with SolarEdge's monitoring platform

  • Built-in meter enables separate tracking of EV power usage with a built-in meter

  • Demand-Response ready

Contact us today to hear more about the Electrical Vehicle Charging station!

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