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California Leading The Way Toward Solar Energy Sustainability

solar panels for home

You may not be aware of a new California law that requires all homeowners to install solar panels on newly-constructed houses, beginning in 2020 and onward. You may even be wondering about solar energy in Van Nuys and Los Angeles; and how achieving renewable energy sustainability should be a goal for every U.S. state, with Plug It In Solar helping pave the way, in regards to solar companies in Van Nuys. Here are some solar energy facts , and questions you may have with answers to help you be knowledgeable about the new law: 

What does the new California home building solar requirements entail?

In 2020, new regulations are set to hit the state of California – the first state to implement a law that requires all home builders to install solar panels. Cities are already implementing such practices, but this is the first time it will be instituted state-wide. Two years in the making, this new law will apply to all low-rise residential apartment and condo buildings under three stories high. The only exception is if homes are frequently in the shade, so new home builders will want to get all the information they can to determine if these changes are applicable to them.

California’s goal is to reduce the grid energy quantity by nearly 650 megawatts-DC; and since the state is set to build around 74,000 homes in 2020 , increasing solar energy usage by as much as 14% is a great start.

How will home building costs be affected with these new requirements?

The construction industry has predicted that in 2020, costs of erecting a new home will rise to be between $25,000 and $30,000, with 50% going towards the inclusion of solar requirements. However, this will save $50,000-$60,000 in operating costs over the anticipated 25-year solar system lifespan. By contacting Plug It In Solar, you can find out how much savings you can achieve with installing solar panels for home usage.

What solar energy facts and benefits should I know about?

In regards to environmental impact and cost, there are a few solar energy facts you should be aware of, as well as benefits of solar:

● Solar is less costly than fossil fuels – and monthly savings and tax rebates are a primary benefit.

● Solar is energy secure , meaning uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price; this is particularly useful in emergency situations when the need to maintain life-sustaining temperatures is crucial. ● Solar is favorable for the environment, since the less stress we place on the environment, not to mention our wallets, the better it is on our resources.

If you’re thinking of getting a head-start on solar energy and are looking for a solar installer in Van Nuys and the surrounding areas of Los Angeles, CA, contact our friendly customer service at Plug It In Solar, where we can answer all your questions and get you on the road to energy sustainability. Call now!

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