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India starting to tackle its air pollution problem

air pollution

While the hazy, polluted air of China’s major cities gets the headlines, India is actually facing an even worse crisis. Some of the statistics are startling.

● India’s air quality is significantly worse than anything China has ever experienced. ● 140 million people in India are breathing air that has 10 more pollution than what is considered safe. ● Northern India has the top 10 most polluted cities in the world. ● 1.24 million people in India have died from unsafe air.

These are enormous issues that India is not taking lightly. In fact, it was recently announced that 74% of all new energy capacity in India for 2018 was created from renewable sources. That’s 13.1 gigawatts of the total 17.6 gigawatts in additional power capacity. This is a fantastic sign that the country is changing course regarding its energy policy. Solar power was responsible for 50% of the additions to net capacity, with wind coming in 2nd place at 12%. The marketplace is starting to speak up about which renewable technology is going to come out on top.

Unfortunately, coal saw a slight uptick from 2017, increasing from 21% of new capacity to 25% of new capacity in 2018. Still, the general trends are extremely positive and it’s becoming obvious that the days of fossil fuels are numbered. India still has plenty of work to do to make its air safe for its residents, but measures such as these will eventually add up to a greener future for us all.

We here at Plug It In Solar believe that solar power has the potential to revolutionize the energy industries in every country throughout the world. This clean, sustainable power is the best of the renewable energy sources available now, and will continue to be the gold standard well into the future. As solar technology continues to advance and become more cost effective, we believe you’ll see stories such as these become more prevalent.

While the air pollution issues in California aren’t quite as serious as the one’s in India, there are still plenty of smoggy days. You can do your part by utilizing residential solar, and helping the state decrease its usage of coal and other fossil fuels. If you would like to see your options for a solar installation, don’t hesitate to call us at (818) 670-7769 to schedule a consultation. As one of the top solar companies in California, we guarantee you’ll get the best solar panels at a fantastic price. Do your part to change the world!

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