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Wind vs. Solar Power: What Comes out on Top?

Wind vs. Solar Power

Many forms of renewable energy have become more cost effective during the last decade. The two most notable being wind and solar power. Debates have raged throughout the internet and other forms of media about which alternative energy source is better. While we here at Plug It In Solar know that a mixture of both will benefit humanity the most, we do believe that solar technology is easily the best choice for the vast majority of residential purposes. Here’s why:

Predictability. The sun rising each morning is about as predictable as you can get. Although often derided as not being a 24-hour source of energy, solar power can be counted on every day to provide electricity. This isn’t so with wind power. On days where the wind is below 12 mph, you may not generate any energy at all. In fact, even in a windy (and not particularly sunny) city such as Spokane Washington, a local company concluded that a their solar systems generated 5 times the amount of energy as similarly-priced wind systems. With the maturation of battery technology to store daytime solar energy throughout the night, these concerns will soon be completely mitigated.

Compatibility. Solar panels can be installed on nearly any home. They can be put on rooftops, or on the ground, and are great in a densely populated city such as Los Angeles. Residential wind turbines are trickier. To be their most efficient, they could need to be installed at least 80 feet in the air, requiring heavy duty mounting gear. Even then, in areas packed with houses or even trees, the wind can be turbulent. The constant changing of the wind’s direction means that the wind turbine will struggle to gain consistent momentum. This drastically impacts performance.

Durability. Solar panels have no moving parts and are built to last. Install them on your roof, and you can expect them to provide your home with energy for many years without much maintenance. Wind turbines obviously rely on moving parts, meaning that they will receive daily mechanical wear and tear. This can add up to higher maintenance costs and downtime throughout the life of the system.

Hopefully now you can see so of the benefits of solar power and why we believe in it so much. For residences, it’s the best and most powerful renewable energy you can get. As one of the best names in Los Angeles solar, we can ensure you get the most efficient solar panels and you can begin powering your home with the best that green energy has to offer. If you’re in the area and would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your options and needs, don’t hesitate to call (818) 670-7769.

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