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Installing a solar energy system is a big financial investment, therefore Plug It In Solar offers multiple flexible financing options that will help you to go solar. These financing solutions make going solar possible for almost everyone, while still providing energy cost savings.


We will work with you to ensure that you are getting the best financial option for you. These options allow you to use and enjoy your system without worrying about making one large payment. 

Although a cash purchase provides the most financial benefits, including the shortest payback period, the benefits when financing are not far from it. 

Many people might think leasing is the best option for them, but when you buy your system you actually save up to 60% more money than when you lease. If you are ready to go solar, you need to understand how your financing decisions will affect your returns. 

Buying Solar vs. Leasing Solar

Solar loans and solar leases both offer benefits for homeowners, and there are multiple factors to consider when making your financing decision.

Leasing your solar system means that you are “renting” the system from the solar company that owns it. If you get a solar loan and install your solar panels, you are the system owner, which comes with additional benefits and responsibilities. Whether you want to take out a loan or lease your solar energy system is dependent on your needs and financial goals.


You own the system!

You receive tax credits and rebates

Save up to 90% of your electricity cost

No more payments once system is paid off

Enjoy your own free electricity


Solar Company owns your system

Solar Company receives tax credits and rebates

Save up to 30% of your electricity cost

Continuous monthly payments for lifetime of system

Keep making lease payments to Solar Company


SALAL Credit Union offers you more affordable ways to pay for solar panel install through Plug It In Solar. Salal makes it easy for you to pay for your solar energy system and maximize your savings.

They have made their solar financing as flexible as possible, so that they can provide you diverse loan options for your solar. 


  • Affordable solar financing options to fit your budget.

  • The convenience of not having to shop for financing.

  • Combo loans available.

  • No money down required.

  • One-time free re-amortization at 18 months to take advantage of tax credit



The Energy Loan Network is a lending company that works with credit unions to offer loans for solar installations and energy efficiency enhancements. 

ELN offers loans that are accustomed to every single customers needs, because every home owner and solar installation is different.

Energy Loan Network also finances energy efficiency enhancements for your home in addition to offering loans for solar system installations. That includes replacing your heating and cooling system, new windows and doors as well as other projects.

ELN is also great with approving the loans. They only offer loans to qualified applicants, which means that approvals happen fast, even on the same day, making your entire solar purchase process much easier and quicker.


PACE = Property-Assessed Clean Energy


PACE solar loans are loans that are paid back through an additional payment on your property taxes and are funded by your city or state. PACE loans are authorized by local and state governments which lend money to fund PACE programs by issuing a bond, and then the money is provided by different private financing companies.


PACE loans are pretty unique, since the PACE provider will help a city or other municipality issue bonds, and then lend that money to homeowners to purchase solar or other energy or water-efficiency improvements. The bonds are paid back through an increased rate on the home’s property taxes. In general, PACE financing is a good choice for those with poor credit scores since they allow you to enjoy the benefits of solar without worrying about a big upfront cost.

The interest rate on PACE financing is also tax-deductible, similar to mortgages. 

Plug It In Solar works with CaliforniaFIRST PACE program, which is an innovative partnership between your county government and a private financing company. This program grants you to receive funding upfront for your energy and water efficiency improvements, and to repay through your property taxes over the course of up to 20 years. You can find more information here

We also work with E3 - Energy Efficient Equity program. E3 partners with local governments to bring you low cost financing that gets repaid through your property tax bill. The financing can be used for improvements that are good for the environment and save you money on your utility bills. You can find more information about E3 here




Spruce financing offers multiple different kind of options for you.

  • With Solar PACE (Property-Assessed Clean Energy) solution the homeowner owns the system and makes payments once or twice a year. When applying for PACE, they will do a financial analysis and based on their assessment, they will set a fixed payment rate for you. Eligibility for PACE is based on your property debt ratio — there are no credit score requirements. 

  • With Solar Loan the homeowner owns the system and makes fixed monthly payments that are based on the amount financed and APR. The Spruce Solar Loan is currently available in 24 states.

  • With Solar PPA Spruce Financing owns the system and claims any available rebates and tax incentives. You make monthly rate-based payments to the company for the energy the system produces. The payments vary depending on the systems actual production: if the system produces more energy in the summer than in the winter, your monthly payments in the summer will be higher than in the winter. 



The HERO Loan Program by Renovate America is one of the most popular energy loan options in California. HERO loans offer reasonable interest rates that make it possible to fund energy upgrades and the most popular uses for HERO loans is to install a solar energy system. 

The HERO program is a Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loan which means that the property owners pay the loan back once a year for a fixed term. Home owners find this option appealing one reason: an annual payment means that you can start to benefit from your solar savings immediately.

The loan amounts are also determined by how much your property is worth, which is great for property owners who don’t have high enough credit scores to access other loan options.

Any further information on financing for solar energy system projects, don't hesitate to contact us!

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Buying vs Leasing
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