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It's Not Too Late to Stop Climate Change

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The latest scientific data shows that the level of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere has reached around 390 parts per million (ppm), leading some people to worry if humanity is too late to avoid the worst problems of global climate change. Thankfully, according to the Geos Institute we can still make a difference. The Geos Institute is an Oregon-based non-profit and consulting firm that helps people prepare for climate change. Part of their mission is to influence grassroots political dialog in an attempt to ultimately reach a global treaty guaranteeing a clean energy economy.

Like a patient who goes to the doctor and learns that he is overweight or has high cholesterol, our planet is at an elevated risk, but there are still corrective steps we can take to improve the situation. And there’s no better time than the present to get started, as the future of our world is at stake!

According to the Geos Institute, while it’s not likely that atmospheric carbon dioxide will drop back to levels seen before the Industrial Revolution, climate scientists agree that 350 ppm is a reasonable and attainable goal. However, reaching that goal will require a significant overhaul of our energy infrastructure. Around the world, we will need to reevaluate how we transport both people and products, and how we power our buildings, both residential and commercial. Alternative energy sources, including solar panel installation, will be at the forefront of that effort.

At Plug It In Solar, we are committed to the goal of reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide by deploying solar technology. No other renewable energy source beats solar power today and this will remain the case far into the future. As clean, sustainable solar technology continues to advance, it will become even more efficient contributing even more to our environment.

Reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide to safer levels requires a serious commitment from people all around the world. If you’re ready to do your part, consider how a residential solar installation can help you decrease your dependence on fossil fuels. If you’re ready to talk about the options that are available to you, please don’t hesitate to call us at (818) 670-7769 for a consultation. Plug It In Solar is one of the top solar companies in California and you can be sure that you’ll get nothing but the best solar panels available at an outstanding price. This is your chance to make a difference!

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