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control energy costs

Control Energy Costs

save money

Save Money

save the environment

Help The Environment

free energy

Energy Independence


Going solar not only saves money but it also gives you control over your energy costs, helps the environment, and gives you energy independence. It is without a doubt, that every year your electricity bill goes up in price. Going solar can give you immediate savings along with even bigger future earnings.


In fact, a solar energy system can give you much more than just savings. You can take control of electricity prices by not having to pay “rate increases” or “rate hikes” that your utility company adds on.

Control Energy Costs

Electricity rates rise each year but you can protect yourself from this by installing a solar energy system. Installing a solar system on your property will enable you to control your energy costs. You will be immune to the rising utility rates which will save you money now and in the future.


The amount that you can save depends on two things: the solar policies in your area, and the utility rates in your area. However, going solar is always a smart investment regardless of where you live.

Save Money

With a custom solar system, you won't need to pay nearly as much for electricity. In some cases, you can cut out your electricity bill altogether. This will not only help you on a month-to-month basis, but you will also avoid the high annual energy rate hikes. By investing to install a solar system on your property, you can be sure to save money by investing in yourself and by producing your own electricity.

Solar Is Affordable

Getting solar panels installed is much more affordable now than it used to be. Now you can get your solar system put in for an affordable price and there are even government grants available, along with rebates that will help with the cost of installing the solar system. 

Help The Environment

Solar power is a renewable energy source that has many health and environmental benefits. Using solar energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change, and it also results in fewer air pollutants which can cause health problems.

Energy Independence

Installing a solar energy system will enable you to cut ties from your utility company completely over time. This puts you in charge of your energy costs with no surprise charges or price increases.

Solar Energy System Adds Value To Your House

Many home buyers look for alternative energy sources in their new home. Not only will homes with solar panels sell faster but according to LA Times Magazine, it will also sell for a higher price, even when real estate prices are down. 

Get Credit From The Utility Companies

If your solar system produces more power than you need in any given month, the utility company will give you a credit for the power you didn't need on your next bill. This allows homeowners to save on their utility bills in the months they use more power than their solar system generates. 

Myth: Solar panels only work in places high in direct sunlight

Although areas with a great deal of sunlight year round are perfect for solar energy systems, you can still benefit from having solar panels if you live in an area that is not sunny all the time.

Solar panels keep producing solar energy even on cloudy days. Solar panels work by gathering both visible light and infrared light that creates consumable electricity. The panels use the energy from daylight, as opposed to sunlight to produce electricity, therefore they don't require direct sunlight to work.

On cloudy days visible light still gets through the clouds, and rain, in fact, helps in keeping the panels efficient by washing away dirt and dust. However, it is true that direct sunlight does provide the best conditions for the panels.


Regardless of your geological location, high electricity costs, that are rising every year, and financial incentives make going solar a smart investment.

Types of Solar Installs


Plug It In Solar's professional team offers high quality installations in the Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange counties. 

  • Single Family Homes

  • Apartments/Condominiums

  • Gated Communities

  • Groundmounts

  • Roofmounts

  • New Construction

  • Panel Upgrades

  • Major Remodels


Our licensed and qualified electricians are able to install large solar systems for any job site. 

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Carports

  • Groundmounts

  • Office Space

  • Restaurants

  • Warehouses

Contact us to hear more about installing solar panels!

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