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Top Leading Companies Utilizing 100 Percent Clean Energy

Top Leading Companies Utilizing 100 Percent Clean Energy

Plug It In Solar loves seeing support from governments all over the world that help promote renewable energy . The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started the Green Power Partnership Program back in 2001. Today they have over 1,700 partner organizations that use more than 45 billion of kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power every year. To give you an idea the EPA describes this as an “equivalent to the same amount of power produced by more than 40,000 football fields covered with solar panels, which is the equivalent to using enough renewable electricity to power more than 4 million average American households for a year.”

All the companies on the list are world leaders in renewable energy and are committed to supporting sustainable energy for their operations.

Intel Corporation

Intel has invested into renewable resources enough to offset 100% of its energy usage being the largest purchaser of sustainable energy resources for 9 years in a row. This bold initiative is the equivalent of taking 455,000 cars off the road each year which is over 3.4 billion of kWh. Solar energy is the driving force behind Intel’s push for alternative energy sources having installed the second-largest on-site solar carport array in Arizona, second to Intel’s solar carport in Folsom California which would be the largest.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft is another company that utilizes 100% of its electric use through green power. This year Microsoft has used over 4.5 billion of kWh all coming from green power. Being one of the early solar leaders in the US, installing 480 kw of solar panels in Silicon Valley in 2006. Most of Microsoft’s energy comes from solar and wind resources.

Apple Inc.

Earlier this year Apple announced that their global facilities are powered with 100% clean energy. Not only is Apple using 100% clean energy but 23 of their suppliers have committed to reaching the same goal in the upcoming years. Apple also has a commitment to only using recycled materials to make their products thanks to Daisy, their new disassembly robot.


Since 2005 Starbucks has invested in renewable energy and reached its goal of 100% of using clean energy in 2015. In 2017 to further their clean energy initiative, Starbucks built a 149,000 solar panel farm in North Carolina that will power 600 retail locations within North Carolina, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington D.C.


Ikea stands out as a company that is dedicated to clean energy because as of this year, the company has offset 391% of its energy use through renewable energy. Most of their retail locations have solar power installations on their roofs and the other forms of renewable energy used by the company are wind and bio gas. Ikea has also partnered with Big Clean Switch in the United Kingdom which helps consumers switch their home to utilize green energy by helping people find a supplier that they can trust and help them through the process of turning their home into a sustainable energy home.

If you are interested to see how you can turn your home into a 100% renewable energy home, contact Plug It In Solar. Our expert teams will work diligently with you to make sure that your home is utilized to its best ability to bring renewable energy into your life and reach that 100% goal of clean energy as best as we can. Don’t hesitate and call us today!

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