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How Going Solar Benefits The Environment

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It’s a known fact that solar energy helps the environment, but not everyone understands exactly how solar helps protect our planet. That is, what does solar do that other energy sources don’t?

We won’t go full science on you, but hope to briefly explain how solar works and why it plays such a big role in the world’s future conservation efforts.

What Is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is a type of renewable energy generated by solar panels , which are mostly made from silicon, the same material used in computer chips. Solar panels are typically installed on roofs, but they can also be placed on walls, the ground, and even roads.

The silicon in solar panels is used to manufacture photovoltaic cells, which absorb sunlight that can be turned into direct current (DC) energy. Since most homes operate on alternating current (AC) energy, modern solar systems are designed to make this conversion.

Encasing the photovoltaic cells in solar panels are glass and insulation, which help protect them from heat, humidity, and other damage. Anti-reflective coating helps improve the panels’ efficiency by increasing sun exposure.

Solar cells typically come in one of two varieties— mono crystalline and poly crystalline— but don’t get too caught up in the names. All you need to know is that mono crystalline is more efficient— and more expensive. Whichever you choose, Plug It In Solar is equipped to handle your solar installation.

Now that we understand how solar works, let’s explore how solar energy lessens energy needs, and how it helps the environment along the way.

How Solar Makes An Impact

While it’s true that solar installation is on a tear— companies like Plug It In Solar help the planet install 70,000 new panels every hour — it’s better to evaluate solar energy by its total capacity, not the total number of panels installed.

China is the world’s biggest solar adopter, home to nearly a third of the world’s total solar capacity. The U.S. comes in a distant second, followed by Japan and Germany. Solar capacity has nearly quadrupled since 2012, and many experts believe that solar energy can play a leading role in slowing climate change.

A study last year found that solar and other renewable energy sources produce only a fraction of the carbon footprint of coal or gas, from factory to home. To boot, solar power is quickly becoming a cheaper energy source than fossil fuels.

Whether you’re in it to save the planet or save money, the benefits of solar power are clear. Wherever you are in your decision process, Plug It In Solar is here to help.

Call us at (818) 670-7769, or use the contact us form on our website to schedule a free consultation with the leading solar installer in Van Nuys and Los Angeles.

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