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Understanding California’s Commitment To Solar Energy

California Solar Energy

California At The Forefront Of Renewable Energy

California is home to the world’s fifth largest economy, and with mass consumption comes a massive ecological footprint. Thankfully, Californians of all stripes seem to recognize the scale of their impact.

The U.S. may have withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accord, but California Governor Jerry Brown has gone in the opposite direction, advancing an ambitious environmental agenda. This has included forging international climate partnerships and signing legislation toward a carbon-neutral future.

Two recent pieces of legislation, signed by Governor Brown earlier this month, lay out the groundwork for a clean energy future. By 2045, California will be both a carbon-neutral state, and committed to using 100% percent renewable energy, per the two bills.

Dozens of regions have set forth similar climate goals, but California is looking at an accelerated timeline. In fact, the Paris Climate Accord itself aims for a carbon neutral future by 2050 — five years after California.

Brown hopes to achieve his ambitious timeline by using an innovative, scalable approach. Part of the state’s strategy involves harnessing nature, including forests and soil, to sequester carbon. Other statewide programs and initiatives are expected to fill the gap, such as the legal requirement that all new homes be built with solar panels by 2020.

What Role Does Solar Play?

Solar installation may soon be a legal requirement on new homes, but there are plenty of other reasons to install solar panels.

First of all, solar installation is cheaper and easier than ever. Solar panels let the average homeowner make an impact on the environment, unlike other clean energy sources, such as wind or hydro power.

Beyond saving the environment, solar installation can save you money. Homeowners report saving thousands in energy costs, and qualifying for generous tax credits and rebates after installing solar.

Even as tax incentives begin to fade, solar energy will continue to drop in price, making it a sound investment. Over the past year alone, the cost of solar has dropped by nearly 50%.

If you’re still not convinced, consider this: experts predict that renewable energy be a cheaper source of electricity than fossil fuels by 2020.

Solar energy currently powers nearly six million homes in California, a figure that will continue to rise. Why wait? To work with the best solar installer in Van Nuys and the surrounding areas of Los Angeles, CA, contact the experts at Plug It In Solar. Call us at (818) 670-7769, or visit our website for a free consultation today.

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