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Everything You Never Knew About Solar Batteries

solar batteries

Never heard of Solar Batteries? It’s Time To Get Educated!

You may be wondering what solar batteries are, or may have heard of them, but not a great deal. Ready to hear everything you never knew?

A solar battery is really just a battery charged with energy from solar panels; however, adding a home solar battery can have huge benefits, including allowing more solar energy usage that equates to energy savings, for backup power, if the grid happens to go down. Installing solar batteries enables peace of mind and maximizes electricity usage produced by your solar panels. Also, people want the ability to power their homes when the sun goes down, thus having a solar battery gives you that freedom, and just makes sense. Home batteries are the best, yet simplest way to utilize the power of solar energy. Bottom line: having a solar battery system saves you money. It’s that simple.

Solar Battery History – A Brief Timeline

The 1970’s was a pivotal time for lithium-ion battery technology, when it was first introduced. Of course back then, its growth was slow, until the 90’s, when more devices had lithium-ion, (the lightest of all metals) capabilities. Technology began booming around that time and green energy kicked in the door as the solution for our planet’s sustainability. Now, lithium batteries are everywhere.

What Solar Batteries Does Plug It In Solar Carry?

So glad you asked! We are a certified carrier of top brands, such as the Tesla Powerwall, LG Chem, and Sonnen Battery.

Tesla Powerwall Solar Battery

Tesla Powerwall solar battery is 100% self-powered, with continuous seven-plus days of power during an outage. The Powerwall is simple and compact and completely automated. It also installs simply and easily, either on your floor or mounted indoor or outdoor – with NO maintenance. Better yet, you can monitor and control your energy from anywhere with the touch of your smartphone. Want a 10-year warranty, time-based control, and operating temperatures of -4 ℉ to 122℉? You got it!

LG Chem Solar Battery

Like the Tesla Powerwall, LG’s Chem solar battery improves energy efficiency by maximizing the renewable energy quality that stabilizes the power system supply. What this means is that the battery will enable your energy supply to stay stable, by storing and supplying electricity that your solar panels produce. Highly reliable, you can count on LG Chem to maintain a stable structure from frequent discharging and charging.

Sonnen Solar Battery

Clean and affordable energy can be achieved with a Sonnen solar battery that optimizes self-generated power, leaving electricity bills in the dust. The Sonnen Battery integrates easily with existing solar systems for both day & night power. This battery is easily adaptable to your needs, saving you from energy costs and consumption. The best part, it comes with a 10-year or 10,000 cycles warranty.

Call Plug It In Solar Today!

As your solar panels and solar battery headquarters, we welcome your call to our excellent customer service. It’s our commitment to our customers and our planet to assess needs and offer solutions to fit your lifestyle and budget. Contact Plug It In Solar, in Van Nuys, CA, and let’s get you energy-sustainable!

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