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How Installing Solar Panels Eliminates Electric Bills

solar panels for home

You may have heard of the benefits of installing solar panels, of which there are many, on your home or business; however, did you know you can effectively ELIMINATE electric bills in the process?

Benefits As A Result Of Installing Solar Panels

Going solar has been in the news lately, and considering California is set to require solar panels on newly constructed homes in 2020, it’s no wonder homeowners in Los Angeles, CA and all of California for that matter, are getting as much information as they can about the requirements and looking for the best products for installation.

At Plug It In Solar, we know the energy-saving benefits of installing solar panels can elicit, which includes:

✓ Reduction or elimination of electricity rates ✓ Local financial incentives ✓ Solar financing ✓ Energy savings ✓ Environmentally-sustainable ✓ Federal tax credit

Can Going Solar Reduce or Even Eliminate Electric Bills?

The answer to that is YES! Let’s look at how it’s possible. According to Energy Sage, installing solar panels help you save money, as well as helps protect you against utility cost increases. Solar Shoppers typically achieve a seven and a half year payback on their solar system , and continue saving for the remainder of their system’s lifespan. It does depend on where you live and takes into consideration the electricity rates, local financial rewards, and solar financing.

For example, say you have a $100 monthly electric bill and an annual electricity rate increase of three percent. When you calculate the net installation cost – the total cost of going solar – minus the 30 percent from the federal tax credit, you can pay back the system in the above-mentioned seven and a half years and save approximately $25,000 over a 20-year period – the benefit of going solar.

How Plug It In Solar Saves You Energy Costs

With our personal electricians, reliable service, and guaranteed performance, our service experts can answer questions and address concerns for installing solar panels on your home. When you contact us, our well-trained electricians will go through every step of the process so you’re informed and understand how solar works and the benefits you can achieve with going solar.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

We would love to hear from you in Van Nuys, or the surrounding areas of Los Angeles, CA, so contact our helpful and kind customer service to book your FREE in-home or phone consultation. We then determine the best solar solution and get you started on your way to energy sustainability and reduced or even elimination of your electric bill!

Call us today at (818) 670-7769.

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