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What Kind Of Solar System Should I Buy?

solar panels for residential home

Once you’ve decided to go solar, another decision awaits: determining the type of solar system that best suits your needs. With countless options on the market, knowing what to choose can feel overwhelming. Plug It In Solar is here to help.

There are many practical considerations in selecting a residential solar system. These include:

  • How much energy does your household use? (Keep in mind the average household consumes about 11,000 kilowatt-hours of energy a year).

  • Do you need your solar system to supply all of your electricity needs— or simply some?

  • What energy specifications are you looking for? (The industry standard is about 250 watts of electricity per solar panel).

  • How much acreage will your solar panels occupy? (The average solar panel takes up about 16.5 sq. ft. of real estate on your roof).

  • What kind of roof do you have? Does it have shading, for an example, from trees?

You will also want to account for the amount of sunlight your panels will receive, along with any budget constraints. While the average household will likely need about 30 solar panels to achieve energy independence, smaller solar installations also make a big difference.

With this in mind, let’s review some of the most popular solar system options that we offer at Plug It In Solar.

Panasonic HIT Solar Panels

Panasonic solar panels

Plug It In Solar is proudly certified to install Panasonic solar panels, including the manufacturer’s best-in-class HIT product line. Panasonic’s HIT solar panels are not only among the most energy-efficient panels available, but operate excellently in inclement conditions.

All Panasonic HIT solar panels are backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, and Plug It In Solar offers an additional 25-year warranty on product and labor with all installations.

All in all, Panasonic HIT solar panels offer some of the best value on the market.

SolarWorld SunModule Solar Panels

SolarWorld solar panels

SolarWorld, a German solar panel manufacturer, is another company that Plug It In Solar is certified to install. SolarWorld’s SunModule solar panels come in 280 kWh and 320 kWh varieties, and are known for being efficient, yet budget-friendly.

All new panels come with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, while Plug It In Solar offers an additional 10-year warranty on product and 25-year warranty on production. SolarWorld SunModule solar panels are known as a budget option that doesn’t skimp on quality.

LG NeON 2 Solar Panels

LG solar panels

LG is one of the biggest solar manufacturers on the planet, and Plug It In Solar is certified to install many of its most popular panels, including the LG NeON 2. NeON 2 solar panels are a quality product, leading the pack in many categories, all for a reasonable price. LG offers a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty covering product defects, which Plug It In Solar matches with a 25-year warranty on both product and production.

Contact Us At Plug It In Solar

Purchasing a solar system is no easy decision, which is why you should consult with a reputable solar installation company to understand your energy needs and discuss the best options for you. To work with the best solar installer in Van Nuys and Los Angeles, contact Plug It In Solar today. We don't only do high quality solar installs, but we also offer the best customer service and being professional electricians, you can trust that we know what we are talking about.

We’d be glad to offer our expert advice on anything from the optimal number of panels to install to the best brand and model for your personal needs. Call us at (818) 670-7769, or use the contact us form on our website to book a free consultation.

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