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Solar panels for home




Plug It In Solar provides quality solar panel installations of high efficiency and quality. We help you to reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill. Install solar and

let the power of the sun save you a ton!


With a C-10 Electrical License, Plug It In Solar has the ability to give you the power your home deserves. We will complete all your electrical necessities in-house, saving you time and money.



Innovative home technology allows for complete integration of your solar system to your smart home. Plug It In Solar gives you the ability to monitor and take control of your solar system through a mobile app.


Keep your electrolytes right! Plug it in Solar knows how important

keeping your electrolytes positive are when it comes to the battery of your car. Our EV charging solutions will get you charged up faster, while monitoring the progress on an app so you can know, before you go!


Save your energy! 

Plug It In Solar installs smart energy management systems for whole or partial home backup systems, that will not only keep your lights on during an outage, but will also save you money on your electricity bill.

If you are simply stranded on an island, off grid

can do the trick!


Plug It In Solar is a solar company, that provides solar panel installations while leading the way to greener & cleaner future with solar energy! We provide our customers with reliable and efficient service while striving to educate homeowners and business owners about the economic and environmental impact of installing solar panels.



Plug It In Solar was established in 2015 and we have been growing rapidly ever since. Our solar company is located in Van Nuys, California, but we work all across the Los Angeles area and in Southern California.



Our team consists of highly qualified professional solar installers and electricians who will provide you with great service and support while ensuring exceptional performance with each step of the way. We offer solar panel installation, solar home battery installation, advanced solar technology, Eco-friendly products, and the latest solar innovations in the market place, directly at your service.



Plug It In Solar is a family owned business and a subsidiary company of Plug It In Systems, Inc. established in 2010. While Plug It In Solar provides solar energy solutions and solar panel installs, Plug It In Systems provides electrical, low voltage, and automation solutions.


It is the Plug It In family's mission to ensure that our projects are completed with the utmost quality and care for our clients. Our extensive experience allows us the ability to understand and deliver above client expectations.


We offer free consultation via phone and in person in order to discuss your energy demand, what solar solutions are available to you, what your wants and needs are, as well as the surroundings of your property that might affect your solar panel production. Environmental factors to consider before installing solar are for an example shading from trees, geographical location and climate.


During your project, we are here to help you through every step, ensure that your needs are met and that the final result is what you envisioned! 


We make going solar simple!