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California School District Moves Towards Sustainable Energy

California School District Moves Towards Sustainable Energy

Stockton Unified School District in California, one of the largest districts in the state, recently announced a partnership project to build solar parking canopies which are expected to create over 5 million kWh of electricity yearly. As school districts all over the country face budget shortages and are tasked to find new ways to save money, a shift to solar power maybe the answer. The move towards solar energy will help reduce energy costs for the school district and free up funding for other necessities like textbooks for students.

How much can school districts save by adding this new energy resource?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “energy costs are second only to personnel costs as the leading draw on K-12 school district operating budgets, totaling almost $8 billion annually nationwide”. As most states have cut school funding, and some still continue to cut funding, it has become a strain on the districts to figure out a way to mitigate the losses. It is no wonder that school districts are seeking cost saving means in renewable energy.

Being the second costly expense, it is only logical that many administrations across the nation will look to the future of renewable energy sources to power the classroom. Many states have already embraced wind energy but there is still a large reliance on fossil fuels. This new momentum will allow smaller organizations across the nation to benefit from a resource that is available to most across the country, especially in states like California, that receive an abundance of sunlight.

New energy and new curriculum

In addition to the new-found solar energy, the Stockton Unified School District will attain new curriculum packages that focus on renewable energy. Educators will be exposed to free energy lesson plans to educate themselves, as well as their students, on solar technology and production and the energy benefits thereof. Students, in-turn, will be educated on this material which falls under the STEM academic disciplines, helping build interest for the growing industry.

If you are interested in solar companies in the Van Nuys and the surrounding areas of Los Angeles, CA and want to learn more how solar energy can help cut costs of your energy bills like it will for the Stockton Unified School District, please contact our amazing customer service team at Plug It In Solar. Our highly qualified professionals will be able to answer all of your questions regarding taking the first step towards sustainable energy. Call us now!

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