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Google to Use Solar Power for its Taiwanese Data Center

Google's power purchase agreement

On January 23rd, tech giant Google announced a large power purchase agreement in Taiwan. In conjunction with multiple Taiwanese power companies (Taiyen Green Energy, Diode Ventures, J&V Energy among others) and the government, Google is planning to utilize a 10MW solar array to power one of its Asian data centers. These kinds of stories bring smiles to everyone here at Plug It In Solar. As one of the best solar companies in California, we know the amazing benefits of solar power and we’re happy to see others showing more commitment to the cause. So, here’s what you need to know about this fantastic project.

Google’s Taiwanese Solar Array

The array is planned to be mounted atop commercial fishing ponds in Tainan City. Special consideration was given toward land usage and environmental sustainability. Over 40,000 photovoltaic panels will be installed above these ponds, causing no harm to the fish, while pumping out zero-emission energy. Google will also compensate the owners for the use of their land. It really seems to be a win-win for both Google and Taiwan. Google receives fixed electricity prices from a renewable source for the foreseeable future. Taiwan’s electrical grid will be strengthened and more solar power will be used instead of dirtier alternatives. In addition it’s major victory for the renewable energy sector in Taiwan. Although recently a measure was defeated that would have eliminated nuclear power in Taiwan by 2025, the country still aims to receive 20% of its electricity through renewables by that time. Projects such as Google’s solar array should help them reach that target.

Although Google is the first company to take advantage of the recently revised Taiwan’s Electricity Act, allowing non-utility companies to directly purchase renewable power, Marden Hanna, the Senior Lead of Energy and Infrastructure at Google, hopes they aren’t the last. Hanna said in a blog post “As the Taiwanese government pursues further measures to remove market barriers and reduce renewable energy costs, we’re hopeful that more companies will purchase renewable energy, driving even larger projects across Taiwan.”.

This kind of forward momentum for solar power is very encouraging for the future of our planet. We at Plug It In Solar believe that this renewable energy is the key to energy independence and environmental well-being. If you are interested in being a part of this energy revolution, don’t hesitate to call us (818) 670-7769 so that we can assess your needs. We’re committed to being the best that the Los Angeles solar industry has to offer and can help lower your electric bills while making the Earth more habitable.

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