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Solar is becoming the go-to renewable energy source

solar panel installation

Solar power is the United States' 3rd most used renewable energy (behind hydroelectric and wind), but it is carving out a bigger piece of the power pie every year. In 2016 , solar accounted for less than 1% of our country’s energy production (approximately 30GW). By 2018, it had jumped to over 2% (approximately 60GW). The trajectory is on an upward trend and it is not expected to dip any time soon. As one of the best solar installers in the Los Angeles area, we here at Plug It In Solar truly believe that this amazing, basically endless supply of renewable energy is the future. Here are some of the reasons why we think it’s such a foregone conclusion.

Gaining popularity

With the gains in solar panel technology, battery storage, and installation methods, the popularity of solar power has risen sharply. Since 2010, the cost of solar electricity has dropped an astounding 73% . It is now estimated that by 2020, solar will be permanently cheaper than fossil fuels. In fact, if we take it out to the year 2050, large-scale solar plants are predicted to be 71% cheaper to construct than they are today. Talk about a great forecast!

A mature technology

In the past, solar power was dismissed as fickle and something that couldn’t be counted on, especially in states not necessarily known for sun. California obviously doesn’t have to worry about that, but it was a stumbling block for widespread solar adoption. With improvement in battery storage and panel efficiency, these concerns have been largely alleviated. For example, Germany, a country that receives approximately as much sun as Alaska, generated 8.2% of their power from solar in 2018. As that number continues to climb and there are more and more success stories like it, we believe the public at large will forget that these issues even existed!

So there you have it. Solar has been gaining ground, not only on fossil fuels, but on competing renewable energy sources for years. It has been getting cheaper, more efficient, and more easily-stored. With these trends showing no signs of reversing, we believe the time is now to consider solar power for your home. Plug It In Solar has served Los Angeles County since 2015, and we would love to talk to you about all of the amazing benefits solar energy provides.

Call us today at (818) 670-7769 to discuss your options. Solar power is our passion and we think you’ll be just as excited about it once you learn more.

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