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Where to Find Us: Social Media Breakdown

What’s your favorite social media site? Facebook? Instagram? Anybody got a case of the Twitter fingers? How about LinkedIn?

plug it in solar social media

If you get your social media fix through ​any​ of the above channels, we’ve got you covered! At Plug It In Solar​​, we know that everyone has their go-to platform— so we’re active on all four sites!

You can find news, video, photos, contact info, recent blog posts, customer reviews, and much much more all on our social media feeds. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover, starting with Facebook:


Customers have awarded us five-stars on Facebook, leaving glowing reviews on our various solar installation​​ services. One reviewer ​referred to his experience as a “no-brainer,”​ while another said she felt “complete and total trust,” from start to finish.

From our Facebook page, you can also contact us about your ​solar energy​​ needs. We respond to messages sent via Facebook, or alternately, you can click the “About” tab to view our company website URL, email, phone number, business hours, and more.

If you want to stay in the loop, make sure to ​follow us on Facebook​! We post industry news, photos, videos, and our most recent blog posts to our feed, as they happen.

Finally, you can gain a glimpse of some of the services & products we offer on the “Solar Products” tab. Whether you need ​solar panels​​ installed or assessed, you’re at the right place!


If images are more your thing, ​follow ​Plug It In Solar ​​on Instagram​! We regularly post photos and videos of incredible ​solar installations​​— some completed in-house by the top​ solar installer in Van Nuys​​ and Los Angeles.

While you’re busy liking and sharing our content, don’t ignore the captions— they’re fun, informative, and often link to a recent blog post! And hey, once we get to know you a little better, we may even follow ​you!​


If you want quick snapshots of the latest ​clean energy​​ news, follow ​Plug It In Solar​​ on Twitter​. We tweet out tips and tricks, company updates, breaking news, and industry analysis all from our company feed.

Whether you’re an existing customer or simply want to learn more about our ​solar installation services, feel free to shoot us a DM.


Finally, LinkedIn is the best place— other than our own website— to learn more about ​Plug It In Solar​​ as a company. ​Our LinkedIn page​ explains how we got our start, along with the full range of services we offer. We also feature helpful blog posts and articles, written by us or other leading experts.

Connecting with us on social media is a big step in the right direction if you’re looking to ​save money on your electricity bill​​. The next step is learning more about your ​solar installation​​ options, and ​Plug It In Solar​​ is here to help.

Call us at (818) 670-7769, or ​visit our website​ to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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