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New Solar Farm Will Power Two Parks in Disney World

Disney World installs solar panels

New Solar Farm Will Power Two Parks in Disney World

What does Disney and Plug It In Solar have in common? Solar panels. Mickey and friends have been busy this year by building 518,000 solar panel modules on 270 acres of land located near Disney World in Orlando with expected completion by the end of 2018. This 50-megawatt (MW) solar farm will be able to generate enough renewable energy to power two parks at Disney. The solar facility will reduce 57,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year which is the equivalent of removing 9,300 cars off the road. Located next to Animal Kingdom, this farm along with their already existing 5-megawatt farm near Epcot, will provide up to 25 percent of the House of Mouse power needs.

Mickey Leaps into Top 10

The new solar power farm, once built, will propel Disney into the top 10 of corporations based by their installed capacity of solar energy. America’s top companies have been pouring money into the solar energy field for quite some time now and Disney, considering their location, will leap into the top 10 list of corporations investing in alternative energy sources. The Solar Means Business 2017 report shows the following top 10 American Companies by solar megawatts installed:

1. Target – 203.5 MW installed across 425 installations 2. Walmart – 149.4 MW installed across 371 installations 3. Prologis – 120.7 MW installed across 52 installations 4. Apple – 101.4 MW installed across 5 installations 5. Kohl’s – 51.5 MW installed across 85 installations 6. Costco – 50.8 MW installed across 158 installations 7. General Growth Properties, Inc. – 50.2 MW installed across 44 Installations 8. Ikea – 44.9 MW installed across 71 installations 9. Macy’s – 38.9 MW installed across 33 installations 10. Amazon – 33.6 MW installed across 14 installations

Once operational, Disney will jump into the number 5 spot with 55 MW installed ousting Amazon from the top 10.

solar panel installation in california

Disney World is located in Florida, aptly nicknamed Sunshine State. The greater Orlando area receives 236 sunny days on average per year. In comparison, Van Nuys and the greater Los Angeles area receives 284 sunny days on average per year.

You too can join Mickey and friends by harnessing the power of the sun with the help of Plug It In Solar. Getting a solar energy system installed is easy and our experienced professionals will help you through every step of the way so you can understand how solar works and all the benefits you will reap by installing a solar system for your home. What are you waiting for? Call today for your free consultation, (818) 670-7769.

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