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Solar Industry Creating New Jobs At Breakneck Speed

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The solar industry keeps on growing, and that means jobs in the solar field have been growing alongside it. In this article we are taking a look at the past, present, and future of solar industry job growth — both within California and the United States as a whole.

Brief History of Solar Jobs

Solar panels have been commercially available since 1956, but they weren’t affordable until much later. It wasn’t until the early 70s that prices began to fall, as a result of a national energy crisis. This birthed new research and development (R&D) and federal legislation, each of which let homeowners and industry, try solar installation for themselves. This, in turn, created new jobs.

While residential solar got its start in the 70s, there wasn’t a jobs boom until the start of the 21st century. Fast forward to today, and jobs are aplenty. In 2017, there were over 250,000 Americans working in the solar industry, a 168 percent increase from 2010. California, which leads the nation in solar jobs, has over 80,000 people working in the solar industry.

Solar companies, such as Plug It In Solar, are at the forefront of this jobs increase, providing countless jobs in California and nationwide.

Where Solar Jobs Are Headed

Solar jobs have seen a slight downturn over the past few months, due to a variety of factors, including new tariffs on imported solar panels. Whatever short-term impact tariffs have, solar industry jobs are still expected to be among the fastest-growing over the next decade , according to projections released by the Census Bureau.

As solar technology continues to improve, solar energy will be consistently cheaper than non- renewable energy sources, such as coal and natural gas. This efficiency will create more demand, which, in turn, will create more jobs.

Thus, solar installation doesn’t just help save the environment, and you time and money— it can help create new, high-paying jobs that are here to stay.

With solar energy cheaper and easier to install than ever, there’s never been a better time to go solar. Wherever you are in your decision-making process, Plug It In Solar is here to help.

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