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LG's Energy Storage System(ESS) stores energy, in order for you to utilize can utilize the excess energy your solar panels produced and consume. You need the excess energy stored by your LG Chem battery, for an example, at night, on cloudy days or during a power outage.

The purpose of the LG Chem battery is to improve energy efficiency, by increasing the quality of renewable energy that stabilizes the power supply system. In simpler terms this means that the LG Chem battery system will keep your energy supply stable by storing and supplying the electricity your solar panels produced when you need it.

LG Chem provides an excellent energy solution for users with it's long lifespan and a first-class quality.


The No. 1 Li-ion Battery ESS Company in the World

LG Chem is leading the global energy storage system market with successes in various ESS projects, and its track record is growing constantly.

LG Chem's battery applies a unique stack & folding technology to create high energy density and attained compactness. This enables it to maintain a stable structure against frequent charging/discharging.

Battery Management System - High Reliability

LG Chem successfully developed a battery management system based on its proprietary technology and has achieved the highest level of safety through an integrated management from battery cells to its entire system.

Functions of the Battery Management System


LG believes in the importance of energy as an ever developing area for the sustainable future of humanity.
The company wishes to take leadership in advocating the necessary changes with its technology, products and solutions, to defeat existing limits. The world is in a crucial period of transition with technology innovation for Eco-friendly solutions, that ensure intelligent consumption and demand response, and LG is taking the lead. 


With the world’s leading technology and competitiveness, LG has been acknowledged internationally as a leading company in terms of size and number of ESS references and by winning of various awards.

Moreover, LG offers total energy solutions, that support clean energy generation, storage and consumption, by combining energy related products and technologies to ensure an intelligent way to generate and consume energy.