Welcome to CoolPV: The first combined solar electric and water heating system designed for residential use!
CoolPV delivers up to four times the total amount of energy of a standard solar electric system from the same rooftop footprint. Think about it: four times the energy from your same roof! During the day CoolPV enhances electricity production, heats your pool and can even run your meter backwards! These combined features are packaged into a streamlined, low-profile, uniform black system that is coveted by many solar electric system owners, and maintains your roof's aesthetics. CoolPV turns your rooftop into an electricity and pool heating generator, which can add significantly to your home's resale value!

Combined solar electric and water heating system!
Maximizing energy production from your rooftop has never been easier with FAFCO's new CoolPV system! This new technology uses your valuable roof space to extend your pool season and save you more money than ever before!